Friday, February 22, 2008

Growing Your Own Saves Money

I just posted this on my other blog, The Giving Gardeners, It's about a story in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune about the fact that consumers are fighting higher food costs by growing their own.

Basically, it talks about how food prices and gasoline prices are up and are making it a challenge to put food on the table, this component of the story includes quotes by Kitchen Gardener's International Roger Doiron who says:

"During World War II, gardens were pitched as an important part of the war effort - by war's end, the victory gardens were turning out 40 percent of the nation's produce, freeing up big farms to supply the troops. And they were important at home in a time of rising food prices and rationing, the Kitchen Gardeners' Doiron said.

"Home gardens made the difference between people being well fed and going to bed hungry,' he said, adding that the gardens increased consumption of fruits and vegetables to historic highs."

Read the full story here:

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