Thursday, October 20, 2011

UPDATE 11/11:Tom T. Ishibashi Farm Misc. Equipment & Supplies For Sale

Those of you who follow LA Farm Girl regularly know that not only has it been ages since I have posted, but that I have written much about the wonderful Tom T. Ishibashi Farm @ Torrance Airport and that sadly, Tom passed away in May and his family is finishing out the season since he planned/planted for it.
Tom T. Ishibashi’s farm stand and farm is located at Torrance Airport and is the last farm in Torrance. He was the last farmer from a Japanese American family that has farmed in the South Bay, since the early 1900s mostly on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and in Torrance, the Ishibashi’s have been farming the area at the Torrance Airport for the past 60 years and sadly, with his death, the end of an era and the farm comes.

This means that all of the equipment, etc. has to be sold or disposed of. So, I have offered to help spread the word for them.

UPDATE: The farm is now closed. So, if you are interested in any of the following items they have made an email address available for people interested in finding out more info.

Address: 24955 Crenshaw Boulevard, Torrance, CA

Here’s a list of some of what they have (looking for best offer on most things):

Lug Boxes - They have about 1,000 of them. For those who buy a lot of them, they are asking $5 a box; or if you only want a few, then they are asking for $10 box.

Lug Box

Strawberry Baskets – There are 34 cases of clear plastic type, (Pactiv Brand item # 92519) 4 1/8 x 4 1/8, and are asking $100 per case (1200 in a case).
Clear Strawberry Basket

Tomato Trays – They have about 200 of these

Strawberry Trays - They have about 200 of these

Fruit Trees – They have a Japanese persimmon, 3 olive trees all in ground, and 9-12 fig trees, green figs, not sure of variety but they are all in the ground.

Miscellaneous Farm Equipment & Trucks – They have tractors and trucks that are all different and all different ages, some very old and some not so old.

Tomato Stakes – 5 feet each, they have several hundred of these.

5 Foot Tomato Stakes
Irrigation Pipes - They have narrow ones that are 20 feet in length, and wider ones 10 feet. They also have fittings plus working sprinkler heads.