Wednesday, August 12, 2009

LA Farm Girl's City Farm is Growing

These are some photos I took of my garden over the past week or so. It's really growing and I have had some great zucchini, beans, tomatoes and basil.

My green beans are coming in great now and they are yummy!

And, the avocado tree seems to be coming back after the severe "trimming" it got!

The zinnias are not only providing great color from my office window, but they are doing their job, attracting bees and other "good" guys!


MaryRuth said...

Awesome! I'm glad to see everything is growing well for you. Did you trim your avocado tree or did you have someone do it? Mine needs work and I don't know how to do it. This was my peach tree's last year =(

LA Farm Girl said...

Hi Mary Ruth!

We got somebody to "trim" it and they trimmed it a bit more than I wanted. But, it will grow back, just not sure when we will have avocados again!

How is your garden this summer?

MaryRuth said...

I didn't plant anything this year...I'm doing my part to support the local farmers (yeah, that's it!) ;-)
I have a terminal case of "black thumb" which combined with the awful soil I have causes nothing to grow. I am convinced there is some deathly aspect to my dirt--this area was oil wells back in the day. Next year I am going to get some raised beds like yours.

LA Farm Girl said...

Raised beds really have made all the difference, we added "new" dirt and compost and put in a drip system, so I am able to save water too. It also makes maintenance easier. I just need to do something with my back wall in the "real" garden, nothing in there yet and of course that's the one you can see right away. Thinking that will be my fall project.