Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get Your Organic Heirloom Tomatoes

Well, as you can tell by the increasingly infrequent postings, LA Farm Girl has been so busy she hasn't had much time to blog, let alone "farm."

But, busy or not, this has to change since my dear hubby installed a beautiful vegetable garden for me, complete with a fence (to keep the doggie out) and raised beds. This is a photo of the completed area.

So, since I was not prepared for this, I didn't buy plants, set seeds or anything. Luckily for me, I can still get some of my favorite heirloom tomatoes and plant them now. This is because Laurel of Laurel's Heirloom Tomato Plants, is having an on-site sale this Sunday at her urban "farm."

Who is Laurel you might ask? Well, she has been growing and selling her heirlooms for the past 9 years, but she comes from a long line of city farmers, her family farmed in Lomita and she still lives there where she is raising her tomatoes.

As she says on her site, "We are your year-round Southern California source for more than 160 luscious varieties of strictly organically grown heirloom tomato plants, a few carefully chosen great-tasting hybrids, plus a fine selection of gardening products for your home garden, and for growing in containers and greenhouses."

I have planted her tomatoes in my garden before and can attest to how great they are. Plus, she runs the business along with her Mom and her sisters so it's a great way to support a local urban family farm.
Don't miss the Pre-Father's Day Plant Sale:

Sunday, June 14th
11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

1725 257th St, Lomita CA 90717
Information: 310 534 8611


Anonymous said...

Hi LA Farm Girl,

Got those tomatoes in? Would love to know how your crop goes. Where are you gardening?

I produce TOMATOMANIA! here in LA and seven other sites, and often have people wondering how late they can plant. I urge a June 1 deadline but you're putting that to the test. Love it. reach me at tomatomaniahq@aol

LA Farm Girl said...

Hi Scott,

Not sure if you remember but we met a few years back at your Tapia Bros. event. I wrote a story on you and Tomatomania for Capital Press, the ag weekly for the West and we talked while you were setting up, etc.

Anyhow, yep, my tomatoes are in and they seem to be adjusting to the new garden. We shall see how they do. I will post updates for you here!

Thanks for checking the blog and commenting.


Adriana said...


I sow for the masses. I can always supply you with seedlings. You're only a hop ship and jump away from me.

PS, you're husband did an awesome job on your fence!

LA Farm Girl said...

Thanks Adriana!

But I do have my tomatoes in now, getting flowers and the one plant already has a couple of tomatoes. We shall see how they turn out!