Monday, January 5, 2009

Vote with your thumb 2


MaryRuth said...

Happy New Year Judi! I love "This Lawn Is Our Lawn"!
Dale is seriously considering tearing up half the back yard to make a garden. Not to be green or to help the environment...he thinks the whole economy is going south and this is the way we can have food.
So far I haven't had much luck with what I do try to grow, maybe I will have to enlist your opinion on where to put the garden and what to plant.

LA Farm Girl said...

Happy New Year to you too Mary Ruth!

You are too funny, your man is smart, we should have our own food because we already see what's happening to our food system as is and the economy isn't going to help it!

So, let me know if you want help with what to plant, hey,maybe we can set up our own CSA when things get really bad :)!