Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Hanukkah: Make Potato Latkes

Well, at the risk of repeating myself, I am re-using most of the post I did last year for Hanukkah because it still works.

For those who haven't read it, here goes: One of the classic dishes served throughout Hanukkah is potato latkes, I thought it was a great time to remind everyone to buy farm fresh potatoes.

Where to buy them? Your local farmers' market of course! And, my favorite farm that has yummy potatoes; Zuckerman Farms.

Here's a bit of the history of Zuckerman Farms. Roscoe Zuckerman farms 1,300 acres on Mandeville Island just outside Stockton. Zuckerman’s Farm was started in this location by his grandfather in the 1940’s.

His almost entirely organic peat soil is perfect for potatoes and he grows many varieties, year-round, most not found at your local grocery store.

Some in vibrant colors of red and purple, and the ever popular Yukon Gold and fingerlings.

Some of the farmers' markets where you can find Zuckerman's include Torrance, Hollywood, Encino, and Pacific Palisades. I buy them nearly weekly at the Torrance Certified Farmers' Market and I used the yukon golds for mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving and they were wonderful!


MaryRuth said...

Best wishes for a Happy Hanukkah!
since you liked the Sarah Silverman thing, I'll pass this one on to you.....a new "spin" on the dreidel song--it is by the Borat guy's brother.

LA Farm Girl said...

OMG, too funny, love the hip-hop/reggae style. Thanks for sharing and for the Hanukkah greetings!