Thursday, October 2, 2008

National Food Bank Week, October 13

Being on so many email lists, this week I have received several about a week that I had never heard of, National Food Bank Week. It's designed to coincide with World Food Day and since 1987, a week has been set aside to promote the importance of food banks across America.

This week is a good time to highlight the fact that most local shelters face a lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, or, if they do get produce, it's in a deplorable condition.

So, I am urging everyone to help get the much needed fruits and vegetables to these families in need. Make a change for the better at your local food bank during National Food Bank Week, take in fresh produce from your garden or a local farmers' market, or help educate those who run the food bank and those who need it abut the importance of fresh fruit and vegetables to their diets!

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Shelley said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Can food banks accept fresh produce?
I have heard that they cannot in my area of the country.
Also, what is the criteria for accepting food from unused foods from restaurants at the end of the evening?
Thank you. Aurora Eden Pennsylvania