Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Number of Farmers' Markets Continues to Rise

I got a blurb in my email box this morning about a survey conducted by the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Services (AMS) that indicates that as of August 2008, there are 4,685 farmers' markets in the United States. This represents a 6.8 percent increase from August 2006, when there were 4,385.

When they first started tracking markets in 1994, there were about 3,500. AMS maintains a database of nationwide markets, so for those traveling out of California, you can check it out before you go: http://apps.ams.usda.gov/FarmersMarkets/

And for those of us living here in LA, according to the Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures there are over 100 certified farmers' markets in the County, meaning there's bound to be one near you. Check them out: http://acwm.co.la.ca.us/scripts/CertifiedFM.cfm
We also have some of the most diverse markets in the nation. We have the almost carnival-like atmosphere of the Sunday Hollywood Farmers' Market:
And, the relaxing and beautiful coast alongside the Thursday, Redondo Beach Farmers' Market.

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