Saturday, August 30, 2008

Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture

One of the most important things going on at Slow Food Nation this weekend, is the distribution of the Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture for groups and individuals to support and endorse.

This document is aimed at changing the current model of our food system, comprised of industrial food production reliant on cheap fossil fuels and (once) abundant land and water resources with a focus on providing cheap calories globally.

The Food Declaration was developed to change this and the purpose of the Declaration is not only to establish a healthy food and agriculture policy, but it's an "invitation to all Americans to join in the improvement effort by taking action in their own lives and communities and by offering them a way to call on policymakers to comprehensively support change."

It has 12 principles that should frame our food and agriculture policy to ensure it will contribute to the health and wealth of the U.S. and the world. Check these out and if you support them, please endorse the Declaration!

To me, the main reason for supporting this declaration is outlined in this paragraph: "We believe that the food system must be reorganized on a foundation of health: for our communities, for people, for animals, and for the natural world. The quality of food, and not just its quantity, ought to guide our agriculture. The ways we grow, distribute, and prepare food should celebrate our various cultures and our shared humanity, providing not only sustenance, but justice, beauty and pleasure."

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