Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good News: Eat The View Comes Out #1

Eat The View, the campaign to plant an organic Victory Garden on the White House Lawn, came out as the #1 idea for change on the On Day One website, http://www.ondayone.org/.

The idea won first prize in the OnDayOne.org contest ahead of 5000 other proposals. The contest, a project of the Better World Fund, brought together over 5000 ideas for what the next president should do “on day one” to help tackle global problems.

Roger Doiron, the wonderful man behind the idea and the creator of Kitchen Gardeners International said this today:

"While it is unclear whether Mr. Obama will commit to this initiative, Doiron and his supporters are optimistic about their chances, emphasizing the proposal’s simple, symbolic and fiscally-responsible nature. It requires no new spending, but rather redirects existing natural and human resources towards a more productive and socially-responsible end. The sun and soil are already there, Doiron points out, as is the White House’s 13-person grounds crew who could help plant and maintain this new garden."

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