Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Support the Ishibashi Family and Shop At The Farm Stand!

Today I was at Torrance Memorial Medical Center and for those familiar with the area, you know that it is right across the street from Torrance Airport and the Tom T. Ishibashi Farm.

I parked up on the roof of the parking structure and stopped to look down at Tom's fields and tears came to my eyes when I saw the bounty that was still there and nearly ready, namely the wonderful sweet, white corn that he has become so famous for each summer.

Tom T. Ishibashi's last crop of sweet corn
For a brief moment I forgot that he was gone. It was both comforting and sad to see the farm was still there. Despite the sadness I feel, I am happy that his family is finishing out the season and that the farm stand is still open. So please, go and shop there and support them in this difficult time and give Tom a successful last season.

The Tom T. Ishibashi Farm Stand is located at 24955 Crenshaw Boulevard in Torrance, alongside the Torrance Airport next to Armstrong Nursery.