Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Follow Me On My Slow Project

LA Farm Girl's Farm

As those of you who read LA Farm Girl's ever-decreasing blog entries know, I seem to get busier and busier and get less and less accomplished, including posting here.

That's why I have decided to embark on a personal journey that I am calling "The Slow Project." It came out of a post I did last week for my Care2.com Healthy and Green Living contribution, "5 Easy Ways To Slow Down."  

The response I received from that post, there were over 180 comments, told me that I was on to something, that we all need to take time to slow down a bit.

So, this week I wrote about my own attempt to slow things down and to "walk the walk" and kicked off The Slow Project.

I sometimes feel like such a fraud writing about slow foods, gardening as a healer, and sustainable farming, and then rushing around like a crazy woman in order to that.

I thought it was high time I put to practice what I have been preaching (so to speak). I would love to have you join me and let me know what works for you and how you are enjoying the process of being more mindful and enjoying the things around you.

As part of my efforts to take time to enjoy the literal fruits of my labor, after I tended to the garden, I took the time to look at what I have created, took photos and let myself enjoy it. Here's a couple of shots of what is going on now:

Here's my "Burpless" cucumbers, they are yummy!

flat leaf and curly leaf parsley doing great now!