Saturday, October 20, 2012

It is Pumpkin Time: Visit A Real Farm

I have been wanting to post on this blog for a long time and between starting up the Torrance Memorial Learning Garden, finishing a book, and my "regular' writing gigs, I seem to just run out of time.

So, I decided to revamp a post from several years ago because it is pumpkin patch time and my favorite time of the year.

While I am so sad to face this first fall season without my favorite local farm, the awesome Tom T. Ishibashi Farm, I am happy to be able to write about another of my favorite farms,  a great family farm where you can pick-your-own pumpkin and support a great local LA farmer.

Yep, a "real" LA farmer, imagine that! Forneris Farms, is one of only two "traditional" farms left in the San Fernando Valley---John Forneris has been farming in Mission Hills for the past 43 years!

Not only can you pick-your-own pumpkin, but now during Harvest Festival time there's great activities for the whole family including a corn maze, a tractor-pulled train ride, a "farm frolic" area with kid's games, farm animals, antique tractors and cars, and on weekends there's food and entertainment. And, of course their farm market is always open and features farm fresh produce year-round.

They are also now on Twitter, so follow them!

Let's show John and Barbara that we support them and appreciate that they are here providing us with locally, grown, farm fresh produce and a great on-farm experience for the whole family!


LisaNewton said...

Thanks for posting this. Being from the East Coast and Midwest, I miss the "Pick your own" experience. It's great to know that there's a farm fairly close by.

LA Farm Girl said...

Thanks for checking out the blog and commenting! Nice to know people read it.

I am all about promoting our local farmers. There are others with pumpkin patches too, just let me know where you are interested in.