Tuesday, September 15, 2009

USDA Launches Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Initiative

Well, there's more good food news coming from the Obama Administration's team. Today, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack officially announced the kick-off of the "Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food" Campaign from the USDA's People's Garden. As he says in this video http://www.youtube.com/usda , the campaign is designed to begin a national conversation to help develop local and regional food systems and spur economic opportunity.

Secretary Vilsack recorded a video to invite Americans to join the discussion and share their ideas for ways to support local agriculture.

"An American people that is more engaged with their food supply will create new income opportunities for American agriculture," said Vilsack. "Reconnecting consumers and institutions with local producers will stimulate economies in rural communities, improve access to healthy, nutritious food for our families, and decrease the amount of resources to transport our food."

And, they are putting their money where their mouths are; this week alone, USDA will announce approximately $65 million in funding for 'Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food' initiatives.


LAkompany said...

While growing up in Gardena I knew a lot of folks whose families had owned nurseries and small farms for years.

LA Farm Girl said...

Would love to hear the names/contact info. of those people if you have them!

Thanks for checking out the blog!