Friday, November 7, 2008

Organic Consumer's Association: "Organic Transitions"

I have finally had time to read some of the e-newsletters I get and one of them was from the Organic Consumer's Association. It was pretty good timing for me since I am working on putting an application together (and developing a project for it) for a fellowship in urban issues and I am going to call my project "Promoting Sustainability Through Urban Agriculture." This means focusing on urban issues such as increasing entrepreneurship, dealing with rising transportation and gas costs, economic development, food security, etc. through urban farms/locally grown. Gee, maybe I will be using that M.P.A. again after all!

Anyhow, I digress (not a big surprise for those who know LA Farm Girl). The point is that OCA has organized what they are calling the "Organic Transitions" Campaign, also calling it the next House & Garden, Solar & Transit Revolution.

Here's how they describe it:

"The Organic Consumers Association is proud to announce the launch of our new long-term North American campaign: "Organic Transitions". As the planet descends into a global economic crisis, battered by global warming, resource wars, and Peak Oil, we need to prepare ourselves and our communities for survival and revival in hard times.

Organic Transitions is designed to mobilize organic consumers and local communities to plan and implement food, transportation, energy, and education strategies that will enable us to survive and thrive in the turbulent times ahead.

Organic food and farming will provide the healthy cornerstone for a new, more localized, green economy. Check out our new "Organic Transitions" website and contact the OCA about organizing an Organic Transition committee in your local Torrance community here."

Well, given that they challenged me to organize a committee in "your local Torrance community," I am accepting the challenge! I have already done some preliminary groundwork, working towards installing a demonstration Victory Garden, working to increase healthy food in health care by using locally grown, sustainable farms/farmers, and other things. I will keep you posted on!

So, if anybody wants to get involved in my South Bay focused Organic Transitions project, let me know. And, check out the link above for the resources they have available to undertake an Organic Transition.

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MaryRuth said...

OK Judi, you can count me in. I feel all energized now in this new era of hope. Maybe I might learn something too. Keep me posted.