Thursday, October 23, 2008

LA Farm Girl Says Barack Obama is the Best Presidential Candidate for Farmers

Here's a quote from today from Barack Obama that sums up what I am going to post about: "America's farmers are America's future" ~ Barack Obama, Indianapolis, IN, 10/23/2008

In my inbox this a.m. I got a regular email update from Farm Aid. You know them, they have been around since the "first" farm crisis of the 1980s, started by Willie Nelson and John "Cougar" Mellencamp (Uh-Huh) to aid our family farmers by putting on concerts. Well guess what? They are still around and still working on behalf of our family farmers, not only performing but the organization provides all kinds of aid from loans to health care assistance, a great organization,

The email contains a question posed to them, "Where do John McCain and Barack Obama stand on agricultural issues?" The answer provides a side-by-side comparison and lets you decide which presidential candidate is the best choice to look out for the needs of both our family farmers, and a sustainable food and agriculture system.

Now, Farm Aid is non-partisan and doesn't make a recommendation. But, when going to the link which lists each candidate's stated positions on issues such as farm subsidies, country of origin labeling, the Farm Bill, bio- fuels, farming and the environment, and looking at the comparison, in my opinion, it clearly shows that Senator Obama is the best choice for our nation's food and agriculture system. Check it out here: Ask Hilde - Farm Aid

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