Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring & Happy National Ag Day

Happy National Ag Day
Today is not only the first day of spring, it's also National Ag Day, part of National Ag Week, (March 16-22) designed to celebrate agriculture.

Now, while many of the largest agri-businesses do sponsor the day, it's still important to celebrate National Ag Day because its crucial that citizens understand how their food and fiber is produced, realize the important role that agriculture plays to our economy, get increased knowledge of agriculture and food so they make informed personal choices about diet and health, and because informed citizens participate in establishing policies that support sustainable agriculture and family farms.

So today, try to take at least one small step in support of our sustainable farmers:
  • If you go shopping ask where and how your food was produced
  • Look for "Buy Local" signs at your local market showing that the food was produced in California, if you don't see any, ask for them
  • Shop at your local farmer's market
  • Initiate a farm day at your child's school or at work, or invite a farmer to come and speak in your community
  • Write or call your legislative Representatives urging them to support sustainable agriculture provisions in the Farm Bill or local legislation
  • Take your children to a local farm or farm stand, a petting farm, a u-pick farm or orchard and teach them where their food comes from

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