Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Word of the Year? "Retrovore"

After perusing one of my favorite fellow blogger's sites, Cincinnati Locavore, I wanted to share the latest fresh food term: "Retrovore."

According to a post on Daily Kos by Jill Richardson who documented her visit to an Austin Farmer's Market, a farmer coined the new word.

As she says, "The best moment at this market was when I found out I'm a retrovore. That's a new word, invented today. One of the farmers we were chatting with said his kid said to him "Dad, if you didn't raise animals the way you do, I'd probably be a vegan." He said, "I probably would too."
That's when they came up with the term "retrovore." One who eats food that was raised the way it should have been raised... like they used to do it before they learned how to ruin it."

As other bloggers are pointing out, this word fits in nicely with Michael Pollan's advice "Don't eat anything your grandmother wouldn't recognize as food."

And, NPR's Liane Hanson says that: “2008 will be the year of ethical eating; vegetarian and locally produced food will grace more tables; wines will be more than organic, they’ll be biodynamic; there will be servings of micro-greens you grow yourself.”

So, it's time for us to get back in our gardens and grow our own!

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