Friday, January 18, 2008

New Certified Farmers' Market List Added

Sunday Hollywood Farmers' Market

One of the most popular, and easiest ways to eat locally is to shop at a local certified farmers’ market. There are certified markets in over 500 California communities.

A “certified” farmers’ market means that only “real” farmers can sell their produce directly to the consumer and are certified by the local county that they are only selling the products that they have actually grown themselves.

So, that's why I added a new element, a list of certified farmers' market in LA County, at least those that had web links and that I was familiar with.

See, despite being certified, the way a market is run, managed, and supported by the governing body and the community, really makes a difference in how good a market it is.

If you have a favorite farmers' market you don't see listed here, let me know. Conversely, if there's a market I do have listed that you don't like, let me know that too and why.


philpalm said...

Probably the Farmers' market concept has changed a bit since I last went to them in the 80's.

In addition to the usual fruits and vegetables the Adams and Vermont Farmers' Market had a fish man too...

I guess maybe I will check out the Hollywood Market:
It is near St. Andrews and Santa Monica at the Sears parking lot.

LA Farm Girl said...


Actually most of them do still have fish vendors, so check it out. Hollywood has plenty of vendors like that and it's a great place to watch people!

philpalm said...

Well I went to the Sears on Santa Monica and they are having a closing out sale. I did not see the Farmers' market there but attended the Atwater farmers' market which is also on sunday from 12 to 2.

I tried out the sugar cane sample, but the coconut (thailand coconuts) opening was an interesting side show.

Well nobody was selling fish today....