Sunday, January 20, 2008

Survey Shows That Local is a Hot Restaurant Trend

Interesting survey in my local paper today, The Daily Breeze (aka Daily Fish Wrapper). The survey of American chefs conducted by the National Restaurant Association showed some interesting veggie trends in restaurants which came out in their overall, "What's Hot, What's Not" trends.

Here's what they found.

Percent of American chefs surveyed who said these vegetables are in vogue at restaurants:

Locally Grown Produce 84%
Organic Produce 76%
Fresh Herbs 67%
Exotic Mushrooms 65%
Arugula 53%

Check out their site for more interesting stuff including a quote by chef Dawn Sweeney who says, "restaurant trends are driven both by consumer demand and chef creativity."

So, as I have been saying, we get what we ask for, so using our dollars to demand local ingredients truly can make a difference.

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clc said...

Thanks fellow farm girl. Have you ever watched "A Lyon in the Kitchen" on Discovery Health? The host is local and quite often shops the Farmer's Markets and other local places.

Love your website!

PS - I changed the title up on my (newbie) blog a bit, let me know what you think.