Sunday, January 13, 2008

Help LA Farm Girl Help Others

Well, I have spent the past few days working on an idea I have and I was hoping for some input on it here. So, here goes.

Basically, I am going to set up a local network for backyard/home and community gardeners who grow their own produce and who want to do something good with the extra that they have, to have a place where they can give their excess produce to those who need it, basically using the Plant a Row For the Hungry Model.

But, I also want to include another component to give flowers to those in the hospital or hospice. So those who grow flowers can donate them in a kind of "Bedside Bouquet" program to local hospitals, convalescent homes, and temporary care centers/transition care centers.

I am hoping that by offering them garden classes and workshops, tips, and classes from local garden experts (hopefully including my fellow Master Gardeners), along with local cooks and maybe even flower arrangers, they will be as excited with this idea as I am and want to get involved. And, it will also be a way for them to help green our local community and we can have people give them ideas and information on that as well, maybe even get some good freebies donated.

I figure with all of my years of community and volunteer involvement, I will put my connections to good use to make this a reality.

Here's where you all come in. I have some names I am thinking of calling it, that I hope will explain what the project is. What I have come up with so far are all related to the concept of "giving."

Here's what I have, please give me your vote, or, suggest something else if these are too lame:
  • The Giving Gardeners
  • The Giving Gardens
  • The Giving Garden
  • Gardens for Giving
  • Gardens of Giving
  • Gardens That Give
  • And, do I need to add the word, network or campaign?

That's it so far, let me know if you have any opinions or ideas. I will keep you all posted on my progress.

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