Thursday, January 24, 2008

Book Cover Finally Done!!!

Well, for those who have been following the trials and tribulations of my book, I received some good news on Tuesday. The last photo I submitted has been accepted and we now have a book cover!

Yay, this means that things will be moving forward and I have to get busy collecting the rest of the photos I need to complete the book. No easy task, since I still need about eighty.

So, if you know of anyone who has photos of farms, nurseries, fields, etc. from the South Bay area, please let me know.

Here's the photo that's going to go on the cover (a low quality version)


vickie said...

just popped in for the first time and will bookmark to look over big time later. hee.

was searching around for info on having a bday party at a local farm for my little girl turning 3 in april.

thought it would be a wonderful experience for the kids to learn where the food comes from and my daughter loves ponies/horses.

i'm going to peruse to see if theres any info i could use for the party but i'm psyched to just look over your farm info!!!! very cool, and i just started to read animal vegetable miracle LOOOOOVE This book!!!

LA Farm Girl said...


Thanks for visiting the site, glad you found me.

Although it's not technically in LA but right over the Ventura County Line in Moorpark,close to the Reagan Library, a great place to do the party is Underwood Family Farms.

They have all you are looking for, special kid's birthday party area, farm animals, ponies, even goats that climb over you on ramps up above, and you can pick your own produce.

Check out their birthday party info. at at: