Monday, December 3, 2007

Real Christmas Trees Come From Farms

Santa Paula Christmas Tree Farm

Fillmore and Western Tree Train

Since there's now only a few weeks left until Christmas and the stress of shopping has no doubt gotten to you, not to mention trying to keep up with everything on your list, why not try enjoying it as you cross the Christmas tree off of your list.

While I know my blog is called "LA Farm Girl," I am going to bend the rules a bit here to highlight an awesome outing in Ventura County; the Christmas Tree Train at Fillmore and Western Railway.

This Railway runs through the beautiful agricultural scenery of the Heritage Valley to the Santa Paula Christmas Tree Farm. There, you get off in search of that perfect tree which you choose and cut yourself. Then, you take your tree back with you on the train while enjoying the relaxing ride back.

It's perfect for all ages, Santa even makes his way through the train. You get a fresh-from-the-farm tree, and you get to remember what the holidays are really about for a brief time.

Check out their site for more information and to make reservations which are a must since the trains are filling up quickly!


Anonymous said...

nice site! alright then

Anonymous said...

i love the first image (the christmas trees)! i would love to use it with permission for the back cover of an album that i'm working on. what do you think? -brian hammond