Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This Why I Love Sustainable Farms

Traditional corn grown at Not A Cornfield in Downtown LA (2005)
Just look at the colors, the variety, and the beauty of heirloom corn. It's sure a far cry from the processed corn used in most of the food bought by consumers and put into our food as high fructose corn syrup. Small farms and farm projects like Not a Cornfield point out the need to value and preserve the biodiversity of agriculture.

Consider this: Farmers produced roughly 80,000 species of plants before the advent of industrialized agriculture. Now they rely on about 150. 150! That is frightening, and if left up to the big agri-businesses, there will be even less as they sue farmers for violating "their" patents on produce varieties. Sad indeed.

Sustainable agriculture can help insure biodiversity and that is critical to us for many reasons. Click here to learn more about the issue from the Union of Concerned Scientists:

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